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Sarah started life wanting to be a doctor. Her innate caretaker personality inspired a belief that she was born to help make people feel better. As a nanny job in her late teens (which happened to be across the street from Gerald’s Salon) wound down, Sarah began school to be a teacher. She soon discovered, with the help of her former boss’s friend – and Gerald’s Salon neighbor and client – that perhaps this was not the right direction for her. Her friend suggested she go speak with the Gerald about possible careers, as she knew Sarah was very passionate about making women feel their best and most beautiful. She began the Apprentice Program shortly thereafter. Sarah has an impressive clientele that is amazingly loyal and seeks her out for her ability to not only pamper, but to teach. She believes all products and services are made that much more helpful when they are surrounded by education. Her clients in turn energize and inspire her every day. Sarah’s incredibly popular services include glycolic peels, facials, eyebrow design, waxing and makeup application.

Favorite thing about working at Gerald’s: “I feel this is my home. I am welcome in all aspects by my coworkers and clients as me.

Fun fact: “I will dance anywhere, anytime, no matter who is watching.”