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Nina has been with Gerald’s for almost 6 years, but not always as a stylist. Preparing to go to Western Michigan University to study business, Nina accepted a front desk position in the salon as she waited to leave for school. Unbeknownst to her, a seed had been planted. She spent one school year at Western, the whole while thinking about hair. She was terrified to tell her parents that she had already called Gerald and asked if she could come back and learn to do hair…and that he had agreed. When she called her mother to break the “bad” news, her mother responded with a hearty, “thank God!” And a wonderful stylist was born. Nina completed the Apprenticeship Program, an intense, but highly-praised training program offered at Gerald’s, and has been collaborating with her vast network of clients ever since. Nina styles as many clients as she cuts and has perfected the “undone” look. She attends the Intercoiffure Show in New York every year, travels to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida and more to hone her craft. And it shows. Clients seek Nina out for her serene demeanor, her friendly collaboration and incredible talent.

Favorite thing about working at Gerald’s: She loves the training she receives at Gerald’s. She feels it sets the salon apart from other salons. “I need to be challenged. I like to learn, to be critiqued and to be put out of my comfort zone and I get that here,” she says. “We have stylists come in to train us from all across the country and the world and I love soaking up their personal styles and cutting edge techniques. I adore my coworkers and clients. I just love what I do so it never feels like work to me.”

Fun fact: Nina’s own hairstyle is one of the most requested in the salon and has been coined “The Nina.”

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