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Luzanne began her career over thirty years ago as an assistant at Gerald’s Salon. She spent her high school years taking requisite beauty courses along with her regular studies and had a habit of “following people around” asking them if she could do their hair. Once she joined the stylist team at Gerald’s her education truly began. Luzanne has always been incredibly driven toward bettering her skills and helping develop and cultivate the skills of her team. She can more often than not be found spending her vacation time attending hands-on styling classes all around the world. She is dedicated to the constant learning of and adapting to current techniques that make hairdressing so dynamic. She feels strongly that the salon and the staff be on the cutting-edge at all times and this is the message she brings to the team. Her clients come to her not only for her vast experience and flawless skill, but also for her quiet confidence and collaboration. She is a true pro and a valued mentor to everyone at Gerald’s.

Favorite thing about working at Gerald’s:  “Seeing the stylists grow is my very favorite part –watching them get better and better just makes me enormously proud.”

Fun fact: Luzanne is a natural daredevil and will be soon making her first heli-skiing trip with a group of female pilots.