Part of the Gerald’s vision is that employee development is essential. Gerald’s Salon lives this commitment with a major investment in advanced and ongoing enrichment. Gerald’s staff conducts and participates in seminars across the globe that feature and train the latest trends and techniques. “Your complete satisfaction is our goal,” Gerald’s Salon promises. “To that end, we work constantly to improve our techniques and upgrade our services.”

Each stylist and colourist attends seminars and workshops and must demonstrate a passion for professional knowledge, skill, creativity and consistency of service. This Corporate Commitment is furthered by hosting and developing legendary hair stylists and practitioners from all over the world. “Education forever!” is our company motto.


Yes, there was a Gerald. He led his salon with dignity, grace, kindness, and a sense of humor and his salon family carries on his legacy. Gerald was a trendsetter, community maker and salon owner for more than 50 years, Gerald Haynes is internationally acclaimed for his leadership in hair design. For 18 years Gerald was a board member of Intercoiffure for America/Canada, part of 38 nations of hairstylists that establish and enforce professional standards worldwide. It was Gerald who first engaged stylists from Europe, the East and West Coasts, Montreal and Atlanta to bring Euro-coif and French techniques to Michigan. Gerald’s Salon clients have grown accustomed to being stopped at parties, in stores, on the street and asked, “Where do you get your hair done?”